Tips on How to Recruit Volunteers

If you run an NGO, then you know the importance of having volunteers to help in day to day activities. The challenge always comes on how and where to get them. As the world gets more digital, the number of people who are willing to step out of their houses and donate their time or money towards a cause is reducing. This means that it is becoming more challenging to get people interested in volunteer activities. Some of the ways to recruit people into becoming volunteers include the following.

Involve Your Team

Do not make seeking out volunteers to be a job which is assigned to one person. Make sure that the entire team knows that they are allowed and encouraged to bring in volunteers. When you involve a larger group in the recruitment process, you will catch the interest of many people within a short time, rather than when just one person does it. Involving a bigger team makes it more interesting.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

As much as volunteering is supposed to be voluntary, sometimes it helps to nudge people towards it. Reach out to your friends, relatives or someone who has an interest in what you are doing and ask them if they have time to be volunteers. You will be surprised at how many people will show interest when asked. As long as you do it respectfully without seeming forceful, you will get volunteers.

Go Online

The internet has opened up ways for NGOs to recruit volunteers. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs will attract many people which you would not have otherwise contacted. Have active social media pages and use them to not only tell people about what you do but also making direct calls for volunteers to join your organisation. Never underestimate the value of the internet when championing something.

Be Creative

So you are looking for volunteers? Well, find creative ways to get them interested. Make fun job titles and get potential volunteers excited about the possibility of joining you. People are always looking for titles which make them feel as though they are worthy and are making a difference. So, even if you are targeting college students, make them feel that you value their time by giving them a title that matches what they will be doing.

Give the Specifics

When recruiting volunteers, it helps to get specific about what you want. One of the mistakes which NGOs make is putting out a blanket invitation saying they are looking for volunteers. You need to specify the details on what the volunteer will be doing, the benefits of getting into that volunteer programme, what is expected of them, and how the organisation will benefit from having them on board.

Use Local Companies

Companies are always looking for ways of giving back to society. This means that they will have members of staff who are willing to become volunteers. You can write a generic note calling for volunteers, and send it to as many companies as you can.