How to Make Your NGO the Best Fit to Attract Volunteers

Volunteering is a complex aspect of the NGO world. On the one hand, you want to bring in people who will work for little or no pay, while, on the other, you want to recruit the best people to help you achieve your goals. So how do you go about this intricate process?

The best trick lies in making your NGO attractive to potential volunteers. You need to build a strong brand that volunteers feel gives them value beyond financial earnings. Here are a few tips you can apply to make your NGO attractive.

Outline a Clear Mission and Vision

Volunteers want to know exactly what it is that you are doing. They want to know how their hard work will benefit disadvantaged sections of society or causes that they care about. You need to state your goals in a way that creates a mental picture for those who are looking to offer their services for free. Don’t make it a gamble such as UK games are.

Be Clear About Finances

Quite often, volunteers get disillusioned when they feel that there is an unclear flow of money within the organisation. Volunteers do not want to join an organisation where they will work, and the money intended for goodwill goes to individuals’ pockets. Be clear about your sources of funding and how the funds flow to or within various projects.

Find Influential Partners

People love the prospect of being associated with big brands. If your NGO is not a big brand already, you should find ways of working with other established NGOs or even government bodies. Many of these brands are always looking for NGOs to partner with. All you need is to put in a good proposal, and they take you on board.

These three tips will bring volunteers swarming towards your NGO. You will then need to apply tips provided elsewhere on this site to retain their interest in your organisation.