Different Kinds of Volunteering That are Not Full-Time

When people hear of being volunteers, they imagine that it has to involve spending hours at a non-government organisation (NGO). As much as there are NGOs that need full-time volunteers who report to the office every day, this is not always the case. There are different kinds of volunteering, and it does not have to be an all-consuming job. As long as you know your strengths and what you are passionate about, you will be able to get interesting volunteer opportunities that leave you with time to engage in leisure activities. Some of the volunteer activities you can engage in include:


You can help NGOs by volunteering as a researcher who does not have to report to work every day. You can look at thematic areas of research that they want to conduct and provide them with information or help in administering questionnaires. Some of the research can be done virtually, and you do not need to step out of your house to do them.

Fund Raising

Most NGOs depend on donor funding, and this means that they are always looking for sponsors and donor funding. You can be a part of this, by either being a donor if you have the resources or by helping them solicit of funding. This you can do even from the comfort of your house by using social media platforms to get donors to be interested in the projects that the NGO you volunteer for are doing. You can also write proposals and share them with your contacts. In between the fundraising, you can create some leisure time and engage in your favourite activities. If you enjoy casino games, https://unibetlivecasino.co.uk/unibet-live-baccarat will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Emergency Response

There are some NGOs, especially those that work on humanitarian causes, that need volunteers during emergencies such as when disaster strikes. You can be a part of it by being in their register and only getting called during emergency cases. You do not have to go for fulltime engagements, although you may be called for meetings once in a while.

Teaching/ Mentoring

Are you passionate about a particular subject and you feel you can teach people about it? Maybe you are experienced in a certain issue, and you feel your knowledge can change lives. Well, you can use that information to become a teacher or a mentor for an NGO. Some women shelters need domestic violence survivors to talk to them or students from low-income families who need someone who struggled through life and made it. You can use your knowledge and experience to become a volunteer who steps in occasionally.

Becoming a Trustee

A trustee’s role in helping the organisation to run their business either in the capacity of an advisory or on administrative levels. You can volunteer to become a trustee, and by doing so, you will only be dedicating a few hours on providing guidance in your capacity as a trustee. You may, however, need to have worked with the NGO for a period of time if you want to be considered as a volunteer in the trustee.

Going for Short Volunteer Visits Abroad

You can become an international volunteer by considering the opportunities that are available abroad. These volunteer opportunities always have a provision for people to travel abroad for a certain duration before returning to their home countries. You can take up international volunteer opportunities during summer breaks or when you feel you have enough time and you want to use it for a good cause. Always remember that volunteering should not feel like a chore, and you should only do it when you feel you have time.