Six Point Promise

 Valuing Volunteer Management 6 Point Promise

Our aim is to raise standards of volunteer management throughout Hertfordshire. Volunteer-involving organisations are encouraged to self assess their current policies, practices and procedures with a quick and easy to use checklist.

Please click here for FAQ about the 6 Point Promise.

The checklist 6 PP checklist is available to download. It covers 6 main areas of volunteer management – see below.

If your organisation meets all the criteria please send the completed checklist by post or email to your local Volunteer Centre, together with a copy of your Volunteering Policy. The Centre will then be in touch to confirm 6 Point Promise achievement and award a certificate. If you are unable to meet all the criteria on the checklist and need help with examples of good practice, template documents, training etc. your local Volunteer Centre will be able to help.

Organisations who have achieved or are working towards 6PP

Valuing Volunteer Management – 6 Point Promise:

  1. Planning for Volunteer involvement – a Volunteer Policy covers all aspects of the relationship with volunteers. Role descriptions are produced.
  2. Recruitment process – potential volunteers are contacted promptly and recruitment processes are fair, efficient and consistent
  3. Induction – new volunteers receive thorough preparation for their tasks and have a named person for ongoing support
  4. Support and safety – volunteers are covered by insurance and included in health and safety policies. Out of pocket expenses are met wherever possible
  5. Training and personal development – volunteers motivations are met with appropriate tasks and those with extra support needs are enabled to volunteer wherever possible
  6. Involving, rewarding and recognising volunteers – volunteers contribute to decision making and are fully involved in the organisations activities. Volunteers receive appropriate recognition for their efforts and we say … THANK YOU!

The 6 Point Promise is becoming a condition of registration with the Centres; new organisations have to commit to the initiative before registering, and previously registered organisations will need to sign up.