Responsibilities and Support

Volunteers’ Responsibilities
    • To accept the organisations aims & objectives
    • To do what is reasonably requested of them, to the best of their ability
    • To treat information obtained whilst volunteering in a confidential manner – this can be information about clients or other workers, paid & unpaid
    • To recognise the right of the organisation to expect quality of service from all its staff, paid & unpaid
    • To recognise that they represent the organisation and therefore need to act in an appropriate manner at all times.
    • To honour any commitment made to the best of their abilities, notifying the organisation in good time should they be unable to keep that commitment e.g. for holidays
    • To be willing to undertake appropriate training with respect to Health & Safety issues, Insurance liability and general good practice as necessary for the voluntary work undertaken
    • To share suggestions for changes in working practices with the Volunteer Co-ordinator
Volunteer Support
  • We do hope that your volunteering experience is long and fruitful – it’s our job to help make it so.  Support for volunteers is one of our key functions so don’t hold back from seeking our help and advice if you are bothered by any aspect of your volunteering.
  • The VC Manager will speak to you informally when you first visit to find out about your interests and give you information about a number of groups.  You can take away details of as many organisations as you wish; some people then contact their chosen organisation directly; others prefer the Volunteer Centre to make the first approach on their behalf.
  • Both methods are quite in order – it’s up to you.  Look upon the Volunteer Centre as a source of long term support, should you need it. You are welcome to telephone or come in for a chat; for example, you may decide to change your placement after a period of time or do some additional volunteering with a second group.  If, for any reason, you have a problem, please come along and discuss the matter, we will help you find a solution.