What to Expect From Volunteering

When you agree to become a volunteer with an organisation you are entering into an arrangement that has benefits for both sides – and, along with the rewards, there are certain conditions that each side should be prepared to fulfill.  Before you meet the manager of your chosen organisation(s), often called a ‘Volunteer Coordinator’, it may be useful to browse through this information so that you have some idea of what to expect and are aware of the rights and responsibilities of both volunteers and ‘not-for-profit’ groups.

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Volunteers Should Expect

  • To be given a clear idea of their tasks and responsibilities within the organisation.
  • To be given the name of someone in the organisation who will look after their interests and who will offer them appropriate support and supervision on a regular basis
  • To be assured that any information shared with the organisation is kept confidentially
  • To be given the same protection under health and safety regulations and public liability as paid employees
  • To be offered opportunities for training and skills development, appropriate for the voluntary tasks involved
  • To not be exploited – volunteers should not: –
  • to be used to replace paid workers
  • Have unfair demands made on their time
  • Be asked to do something which is against their principles or beliefs
  • To be given the chance to play a part in decision making within the organisation
  • To not be out of pocket through doing voluntary work. Travel and other expenses should be offered by all funded organisations