All You Should Know About Volunteering

Are you a volunteer looking for a place where you can put your time and talent to good use? Maybe you run a non-government organisation ( NGO), and you are always struggling with ideas on where you can find volunteers. Welcome to, a site where you will find all the information you need about being a volunteer both locally and globally. We are made up of a team of volunteers, both past and present, and we also have people who run NGOs and are willing to share their experiences about how to find volunteers.

Finding Volunteers

Even though there are many documented articles on the benefits of volunteering, the reality is that the number of people who are offering to become volunteers has been drastically reducing in this digital era. Our site gives new insights on how to recruit new volunteers. Did you know that social media can be your greatest ground for finding new volunteers if you run an NGO? Well, we show you how to go about it, including some tips that you can use in ensuring that you get the most passionate volunteers to work for you.

Retaining Volunteers

Most NGOs will admit that sometimes the challenge is not in finding the right volunteers, but rather to retain the ones that they have found. It is easy to get more than 100 people interested in working with the NGO, but the problem is always on how to maintain them and keep them interested in the projects they have embarked on. We have the answers for you if you are one of the NGOs that has a high turnover of volunteers. This site has tips such as how to make volunteers feel valued, how to make NGOs attractive for NGOs, among other details that will make the volunteers stay.

Understanding Volunteering

If you have been toying with the idea of becoming a volunteer, but you are not quite sure if it will end up robbing you of all the leisure time you have for yourself, then this is the site for you. We get into details on what type of volunteering opportunities exist, and how you can get involved. Our site breaks down the kind of volunteer opportunities you can pick up without having to spend your whole day working. We also have a list of the type of NGOs that exist in the world and how they operate. This makes it easier for you to identify the kind of NGO that you think you can best volunteer with.

Volunteering is a good way to occupy your time. In this day and age where people are getting depressed because they cannot find the right place to engage in social activities, you can become a champion and ambassador by showing the world the benefits of engaging in volunteering. Join us as we walk the path of becoming volunteers and finding other ways of making it fun and worthwhile. Feel free to share this information with others, and to give us your input on having volunteers or becoming a volunteer. Welcome!